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Monday, June 28, 2010


We slept in this morning. We don't get to do that often, so it sure is nice when we can.

We found a small cafe for breakfast, but it didn't turn out to be very good. Brandon was pretty unhappy.

Our plan for this morning was to wander the streets and see what we might find. Brandon wanted to use my camera again, so all pictures today are by Brandon unless otherwise noted.

We started out by exploring the high side of town, in the area where we ate dinner last night. It was already a warm day and getting hotter by the hour.

Side street leading up to the top of town...many steps.

Kittens. You will notice that cats will be a recurring theme for pictures today.

Momma cat

The marks on the wall are schrapnel damage from the recent war.


The town 'guards' marching to their posts at the gates of the old city.

When we made our way to the lower part of the city, I decided to head off on my own. Katrina wanted to explore and take pictures. I was in the mood to do some window shopping. Brandon chose to go with Katrina, and he took my camera with him.

We agreed to meet again at 1:30. I wandered the streets looking in shops and ended up buying some cherry liquer before making my way back to the room for a break from the heat.

Katrina and Brandon wandered the backstreets taking pictures. Here of some of Brandon's shots:

And another cat...

Many of the side streets are steep with steps

Why do we take pictures of other peoples laundry??

The Adriatic Sea

Try pronouncing this sign

Pigeons! I love to chase them.

My Mom, Katrina Sloma. Remember her name, she will be a famous photographer someday.

And another cat...

We met up at 1:30pm and headed to lunch. We found a little cafe that looked nice on a backstreet and in the shade. Our waiter took a liking to Brandon and tried to teach him how to whistle using his hands. He explained how the male residents used different whistle signals to communicate during the war. He also explained to Brandon (which we had already read in our guidebook) that the Principality of Dubrovnik was the the first government to officially recognize the new nation of The United States of America.

Pasta bolognese for the third time in two days.

We had a great lunch and came to the conclusion that Croatia has some really great food and restaurants.

After lunch we headed back to the room to take a break from the heat. Katrina did some reading. I watched TV and Brandon played with his Puffle.

In our room

Early in the evening we headed to the harbor for a boat ride. We chose a glass bottom boat tour around the old city and out to the island of Lokrum. Aside from a few views of the city, the ride was kind of a waste of money. Oh well.

Old Dubrovnik harbor

Self portrait

And another cat...

We took a glass bottom boat tour. The boat ride gave us a few nice views, but overall it was a waste of time. To top it off, my camera battery died, so no pictures.

After the boat ride we headed to dinner near the Stradun, then back to our apartment for the night.

Brandon in our Dubrovnik loft apartment

Dubrovnik is a great city. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Croatia. We had a good time and a lot of great food.

Tomorrow we head to the island of Korcula.

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