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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sick Boy, Day 2

Brandon was still sick last night, so he is home again today. I sure hope he gets better. His birthday party is scheduled for Thursday after school.

Katrina had another driving lesson this morning, so Brandon and I dropped her off and went hunting for a thermometer - termometro in Italian. Ours died a sudden death last night.

It is election season in Italy. From what I understand, the elections are regional, not national. All the markets, piazzas and public areas seem to have booths or posters or people handing out fliers. Elections will be held on April 2 & 3. Public schools will be closed, since that is where the voting stations are located.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Brandon is still not feeling well this evening. We can't seem to his temperature to go below 100f - about 38c. He will be home from school for a third day tomorrow. Tomorrow is the deadline for cancelling his birthday bowling party. I think we will be postponing it. At this point it will probably take place after spring break since we (and many of the school families) will be travelling.

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