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Friday, February 5, 2010

Drivers Exam - Theory Test

We woke up to snow this morning. I didn't see it in the forecast, so I was a bit surprised.

Katrina and I had a 10am appointment to take our drivers theory exam this morning. We were placed in a room with about a dozen others, all sitting at computer monitors. All instructions were given in Italian. Thankfully the test was in English for us (actually it was in Italian with small English subtitles). We had to answer 10 three part true or false questions. Sound easy! Ha, not at all. The questions are tricky and the translation is not always the best.

Long story short, Katrina passed and I failed. Katrina will be notified when she can take the actual driving test. I can retake the theory test in 30 days.

I was in the mood to get our of the house this afternoon. Katrina decided to work from home due to the snow. I decided to go the the Cinesello mall and wander. After wandering the mall, I ended up in Auchan for a few groceries for the weekend and to see what DVD's they had. I found Disney's Robin Hood, an old classic, for 3.90 euro.

Snow in Vedano, starting to come down a bit harder.

On my way home from the mall, I stopped to pickup Brandon at school. It really started snowing hard by this time. Big, white puffy snowflakes.

We have a couple of inches on the ground this evening and its still coming down. Sometimes small and wet, sometimes big and fluffy.

Unfortunately, as the evening progressed, the snow turned to rain.

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