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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dental Adventures

Me and my buddy Thatcher

I woke up to Katrina trying to snuggle and get me to go buy bagels for breakfast. I gave in.

It's another cloudy and rainy morning in Corvallis. Surprise!

One happy, hungry kid...

...and two grumpy kids.

We had a few errands to run today. First stop was the post office to mail a box of books back to the Sabo's and pickup a package from Meemaw. Second stop was the credit union, followed by the dentist.

The dentist was the big errand of the day. Cleanings for all three of us. Unfortunately, I have a cavity and Brandon needs to get sealant put on his teeth, so we will be heading back to the dentist on Thursday.

After the dentist appointment, we were hungry for lunch. It was Brandon's turn to choose. We ended up at Jamie's Hamburgers. Tasty!

Lunch at Jamie's

The afternoon was spent renewing our International Drivers Licenses at AAA and a little shopping - shoes, jeans.

We spent the late afternoon and evening back at the Noel's house. Errol made turkey burgers for dinner. Our friend Shawn stopped by and ended up having dinner with us as well.

At 8pm, after putting the boys to sleep, Errol and I headed out to see a movie, Avatar. What an excellent movie. I really liked it and am bummed that jetlag took over for a few short periods. I think I missed a few small segments of the movie.

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