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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arriving Home in Italy

We touched down in Amsterdam at 8am. Amsterdam was so foggy you could barely see out the windows of the plane. The wonders of technology and landing an airplane in heavy fog are amazing.

We made our connection with only 15 minutes to spare. The lines for passport control were crazy long. We were finally diverted into the Priority/First Class passport line when they announced that all 9:30am flights should head that way. If we hadn’t, we would have missed our plane.

The flight to Milan was only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. So, our total flying time was only 11 hours.

In fact, our flying time to Milan was less than our time getting out of the Malpensa airport. We touched down at 11am in beautiful sunny skies and amazing views of the Alps.

The first delay was at baggage claim. It took almost 45 minutes for the luggage to start appearing on the conveyer. The second delay was at the Hertz office. The relocation people had Katrina down as the primary driver, so they almost didn't rent the car to me. It took awhile, but we finally worked it out.

We finally arrived home around 2pm. Brandon was eager to open and play with his Lego Mindstorm. I did a little bit of unpacking then helped Brandon out. We both acknowledged that we were suffering from jetlag because we were both annoyed at little issues with the Mindstorm programming. We finally constructed a level one robot, so Brandon went on to turning it into the second recommeded robot. Very cool.

This evening we made gnocchi with pesto sauce and relaxed before bedtime. Its been a long day and we are tired, but doing our best to stay awake until bedtime.

We had a great trip to Corvallis. For me, it was a little strange to 'be home' but not really 'be home'. I was also initially bothered by the 'country' feel of Corvallis. I've grown accustomed to the urban life here in Milano. As our stay progressed I relaxed a bit more and began to think about life in Corvallis once our Italian assignment is over. It will be good.

We arrived hom

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