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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow on our Last Day at Disneyland Paris

We woke up to snow this morning, about an inch, maybe two in places. We had our usual early breakfast then returned to the room to get our luggage.

The front of the Hotel Santa Fe

The parks did not open early today, so caught the shuttle bus to the parks and put our luggage in a storage locker at the TGV train station. We would be taking the train back to the airport later today. What is a 45 min bus or taxi ride will be only a 10 minute train ride.

Our first park today was the Disney Studios. Our goal was to get in line for Crush's Coaster first thing since we loved the ride so much.

Playing in the snow while we wait in line.

Crush's Coaster - there is even some snow in the East Australian Current

This picture is a bit washed out for some reason, but you can see the turtle shell ride vehicle for the coaster. Once back inside the building, the shell spins as you go around down the track. Very cool and fun!

We jumped back over to Disneyland for the last few hours before we had to catch the train, riding some of our favorite rides once again.

We were amazed by the transformation once we entered Disneyland. The giant tree and all the Christmas decorations on Main Street disappeared over night.


Adventureland begins on the other side of that arch.


Remember this shot from earlier in the week - when the ice was just beginning to form.

Mickey's Winter Wonderland show. This is one of the last things we did before heading to the train station.

We caught the TGV train to the airport for our evening flight back to Milano, arriving at our apartment at 10pm, tired and ready for bed.

Disneyland Paris was a great trip. It was fun, thrilling, and freezing. We stayed warm with frequent indoor breaks, lots of rides on It's a Small World, and huddling together. I would definitely recommend Disneyland Paris as a fun side trip while in Europe.

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