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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disney Parades

We had our early breakfast again and headed to the parks.

I've spent the past couple of blog posts summarizing our trip to Disneyland Paris. Today I will post pictures of two of the three parades we watched.

Its not a parade without cotton candy

Mickey and Minnie lead the Once Upon a Dream Parade

Alice in Wonderland

Green Army me from Toy Story

Bear Necessities...

Toy Story



Ursulla, from the Little Mermaid

Disney's Christmas Parade. This parade followed the end of the Once Upon a Dream parade.

Mickey's Party Parade

I did not get pictures of the Fantillusion parade. This is the nighttime parade that is similiar to the Spectromagic parades in the US. Also, we did not see the Stars and Motor Cars Parade at the Disney Studios.

This evening we were very cold and very tired. We ate a quick dinner at McDonalds in the Disney Village, then went back to our room to pack. We have one more day at Disneyland and then we fly home tomorrow night.

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