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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Off to Disneyland Paris

We had to wakeup early this morning so that we could be at the airport by 8am.

Our EasyJet flight to Paris took off at 9:45 and we landed in Paris at 11am. What a nice short flight, and I hardly remember anything about it. I slept for most of it. I hope I didn't snore!

Once in Paris we had planned on taking the RER train to Disneyland, but found out we would have to ride it into the city, change trains and ride to Disneyland - 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Our next option was to ride the TGV high speed train, but the lines for tickets were incredible long, so we chose option three, the Disney shuttle bus. Now, this is a private bus service that takes guests to the resort, but it is not run by Disney and is not free like the airport shuttles at the US parks. It would cost us 47 euro. While waiting for the bus, a taxi driver offered to take us for 60 euro, flat price. We said no. About ten minutes later he offered again and we settled on 55 euro. The trip was short and sweet.

We spent the week at the Disney Santa Fe Motel, the economy hotel. Who spends time in the room at Disneyland anyway!? The theme, as the name suggests, is the southwest. The motel buildings were in the adobe style and had southwest decor throughout.

After checking in and settling into our room, we headed for the park. Our destination for the day would be Disneyland.

Meeting up with Goofy after we checked in.

There are two parks at the Paris resort, Disneyland Paris and Disney Studios, as well as the Disney Village (like the Downtown Disney at the US parks). When the resort first opened it was called EuroDisney, but that has been long been forgotten.

We ended up stopping in the Disney Village for a late lunch at King Ludwig's Castle, serving Bavarian and European foods. We had a very nice lunch and were ready to go.

The entrance to Disneyland Paris is under the Disneyland Hotel, otherwise known as the Pink Palace.

The afternoon and evening were spent at Disneyland Park. We rode quite a few rides including: Casey Jr. - le Petit Train du Cirque, the Storybook Canal Boats - Le Pays des Contes de Fe'es, Space Mountain Mission 2, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Autopia, It's a Small World (Christmas themed), and Pirates of the Carribean. We also watched the Disney Once Upon a Dream/Dreams of Christmas parade. Before the park closed we watched Disney's Fantillusion parade (kind of like the Disneyland/California Adventure Spectromagic parade). Both parades were great!

Giant Christmas Tree on Main Street

I found a boy under the tree!

Main Street USA

Sleeping Beauty Castle

A giant beanstalk in Fantasyland

Casey Jr.

Storybook Canal Boats

Entering the Queen of Hearts Castle

View from the castle
Alice's Curious Labrinth

It's a Small World

We survived negative temperatures by alternating outdoor and indoor attractions. It was darn cold, but it seemed to add to the festive Christmas atmosphere.

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Main Street lit up for Christmas

After a long day, we were eager to eat a light dinner and go to bed. We ended up eating hot dogs in the hotel bar. Our warm room was a nice ending to the day.

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