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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

Its a new year. Last night a midnight we enjoyed about an hour of constant booms, bangs and crackles. Apparently, since they don't celebrate the 4th of July here, New Year's Eve is the time to light up the world. And, I think they do it with all sorts of fireworks that are not legal in the US! It kind of sounded like a war zone, with big booms sprinkled in between all the bangs.

This morning I went for a bike ride to Lurago di Erba and back. On my 40 km bike ride I saw only one business open, a small cafe. No restaurants, no bars, no cafes, no stores or gas stations. I was able to enjoy a quiter than usual ride since there was also very few cars.

This evening we drove over to Sesto to catch the Metro into Milan. By the way, the Metro was pretty deserted as well. We picked up Mike at his apartment and went out in search of dinner. Even in Milan, almost everything was closed. We did find a cinese pizzeria and had a great dinner. Brandon had soup. Katrina, Mike and I had pizzas. Katrina and I thought our pizzas were fantastic!! I recently heard someone say that you can always count on a Chinese restaurant to be open on Christmas and other major holidays. Thank goodness for that. We skipped dessert, hoping to have some gelato. Again, nothing was open except for McDonalds, so we had sundaes and McFlurries. Not as good as gelato.

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