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Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it Normal to Enjoy Cleaning?

We had to wakeup early this morning. Katrina and I had an early morning appointment with Brandon's teacher at school. We are working to help him feel more comfortable and and deal with some of the stresses he's been feeling.

It's a cloudy day in Vedano. The forecast says it will be partly sunny and 3 celcius today. At least it isn't promising a warmer day and not delivering like it has the past week.

I went for a cold bike ride today. Its not really all that bad since I wear the appropriate layers. I just want to wear less of them...and see the sun! It was a good ride today.

Our current car, a Ford Fusion. I realized recently that in the past I have posted pictures of each car we have had so far...totalling 5. Since we will be returning this one on February 13th, when we fly to Corvallis, I thought I should post this one.

Ok, so most of the time I sweep, mop and clean because our apartment needs it and I don't really mind doing it. But, every once in awhile I get great satisfaction from it...like today. On these days I seem to go above and beyond the normal cleaning routine. Is this normal?

This afternoon I walked into Vedano to mail some letters and hopefully get a haircut. I did not succeed at getting the haircut. My barber was closed, so I wandered around looking in shops and admiring the neighborhoods.

I love the fact that sundown is now around 5:30pm and getting later day by day.

This evening we sat at the kitchen table eating chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles. What a guilty pleasure. Kind of like cake, but in a preportioned serving. All was well and good, then Brandon finished and wiped his chocolate fingers all over his shirt.

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