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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dolomites Bound

Brandon was up at 6am this morning working on the new Lego set he bought yesterday. Katrina woke up a bit later, then woke me up at the normal 7:45am wakeup time.

It's Friday! Katrina walked Brandon to school then walked across the street for a hair appointment. Once she was home, I drove her to work, then I stopped on the way home to get my haircut. Lots of hair cutting going on in Italy!

This afternoon I worked on cleaning up the house and getting our gear packed for a weekend in the Dolomites.

I was just looking at the exchange rate - 1.39. It hasn't been that good since July. In December it peaked at 1.52. That is so great for us. We are getting so much more bang for the buck...or euro.

I picked up Brandon at school, then we headed to ST for Katrina. We were on the highway by 4pm and heading east towards Verona, then north into the mountains. It was dark by the time we cruised through Verona, so we didn't get to see much of the Alps.

We arrived in the town of Bolzano around 7:30pm and found our hotel, the Hotel Feichter. We found this hotel in our Rick Steve's Italy book, and it is a great place.

Our room

After checking into our hotel, we reparked our car in the hotel parking garage. We had dinner at the hotel. The restaurant was officially closing, but they made dinner for us anyway. Katrina and I enjoyed schnitzel with some fantastic potato salad. Brandon has some pasta with meat sauce.

The town seems to close early, so we called it a night and relaxed in our room.

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