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Monday, December 7, 2009

Modena = Ferrari Museum

Brandon and I woke up around 8:30 this morning. We had a nice email from Katrina waiting for us. She is doing well. She spent most of Sunday hanging out with Jenny and shopping for much needed supplies to bring back to Italy. She also had dinner with the Noel's.

Brandon and I headed to Modena for the day. Modena is located about 2 hours southeast of Milano. It is home of the Ferrari factory and museum.

We arrived at the museum just after noon, excited to see the museum, but hungry for lunch. We found a Giapponese restaurant serving a buffet and decided to try it. My experince is that asian buffets are usually not very good. You must order an entree for a good fresh meal. Brandon ordered a bowl of miso soup and I had the buffet: california type rolls, sushi, tempura veggies, noodles, rice, teriyaki chicken, shrimp, salmon and salad. It was suprisingly delicious. Brandon finished his soup and wanted more to eat. After promising me that ordering the buffet would not be a waste of money, he proceeded to eat a full plate and head back to the buffet two more times. He loved the noodles and the teriyaki chicken.

After lunch we headed to the museum. What a great collection of cars! We must have spent about 2 hours looking at Ferraris. They didn't have the usual assortment of stock Ferraris on the main floor that they usually have on display. From October through March they have Formula 1 cars on display. Very cool and intersting to see how they have changed through the years...decades actually.

My favorite car of the day - the 2009 Ferrari.

After seeing all of the museum, we checked out the gift shop. You can buy just about anything with the Ferrari logo on it. We didn't get anything.

Two hours driving in the rain, with a stop at Auchan to stock up on food, we arrived home. We had the best hamburgers I have tasted in a long time. Nothing special, but they tasted incredible.

Brandon has one more day of holiday weekend to go. Tomorrow is the actual holiday. Its a Catholic holiday - Immaculate Day.

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