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Friday, November 6, 2009

Visitors Arrive!

We intended to sleep in this morning, but that didn't happen. Brandon was up at 7am. Katrina and I were up at 7:30am. We did wakeup to sunny skies though.

I had Brandon's bathroom and a couple other things to clean before our guests arrive. I also had to buy a few groceries.

Our guests arrived around noon as we expected! It's good to have visitors. They are relaxing and taking showers to freshen up.

We enjoyed some wine, cheese and crackers before getting heading out to Bergamo for a late afternoon trip.


Since there are six of us we had to take both cars - they rented a car. Katrina rode with Heather and Laurie and Carolyn rode with Brandon and I. We figured it was best for Katrina and I to split up between the two cars so that no one got lost.

Brandon was so excited to see them. He's been talking to them non stop since they arrived. Almost a little overwhelming for three adults who just spent 14 hours on a plane...lol.

The drive to Bergamo is only about 40 min. Unfortunately it was cloudy and raining a bit. Carolyn actually fell asleep on the way there.

We parked near the funiculare and rode it up to citta alta, the high city. The old city sits on the hill above the newer modern Bergamo. I didn't get a lot of pictures. My camera does not do well in the dark. It was very cloudy and almost sunset.

Funiculare ride

We strolled along the main street looking in shops, picking up some tasty treats to share, watching a street performer and making our way to the upper funiculare. This one takes you the rest of the way up the hill to the remains of the castello. Unfortunately, the castello gates were closed, so we headed back down, stopping to look in several shops along the way.

Street performer

The Castello

Brandon decided that it was Lauries turn to ride in our car. She was not the best company, falling asleep pretty quickly....lol...something to do with jetlag.

We had some minestrone 'stew' for dinner along with 2 bottles of wine. The wine bottle count will be jumping this weekend! I'm amazed at how late everyone stayed up, sitting at the table telling stories and having a good time. I think we all went to bed around 11pm.

Tomorrow we head into Milano to see the Duomo, the Last Supper and whatever else they are interested in. We may have dinner in the city and see if Mike wants to join us.

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