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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mercoledi - C'e Nebbia

We woke up to fog this morning. The forecast says that the sun should peak out later today. I have hope since the forecast was correct yesterday.

I spent part of the morning cleaning up the house: vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and straightening Brandon's room up a bit. I leave the major messes for him.

Holiday decorations. We picked up the tree in St. Goar, Germany.

I went for a mid day bike ride on my Burley. I don't want it to get jealous of my Pinarello...lol. I chose a new route today, heading towards Villesanta and east towards Bergamo. Its a fairly flat ride compare to my normal route. I was able to put in 30km - 19 miles. It was pretty chilly once again, 7c when I left and 9c when I returned. I need to find a thin headband or cap I can wear under my helmet to keep my ears warmer.

This afternoon a thick fog rolled in again. I could barely see the street outside our apartment. When I picked up Brandon it was starting to sprinkle.

This evening we had an appointment to meet Olga at an AutoSchool in Monza. Our International Drivers License is only good for one year (March 2010) and the process to get an Italian license is lengthy. In Italy you have to go to driving school to get a license. Tonight we filled out paperwork and had to prove residency with several of the documents I blogged about recently. Then we had an eye exam and had to pay a very LARGE sum of euros for the process. We received two books (in English) to study with. One book is the driving law book. The other book is full of practice tests.

In 30 days or so we will receive the official paperwork to start taking lessons. We can then start taking lessons. We know we get some driving lessons, but are not sure about classroom time. At this time we can also schedule our written test. Once the written test is completed and passed, we can schedule a driving test.

Like I said, its a lot of work to get a driver's license in Italy. Let the fun begin...

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