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Monday, November 23, 2009

C'e Sole e Lunedi...Molto Bello

We woke up to clear and sunny skies in Vedano this morning.

Katrina walked Brandon to school while I cleaned up the house a bit. When she returned I left for first 'real' ride on my new bike. Wow, it rides nice and is really different than my touring bike. Even though I know the frame geometry is slightly different and that the new bike is SO much lighter, I am still surprised at how different each bike rides. My Burley is smooth and sturdy for heavy loads and built for long comfortable rides. The gearing is setup for heavy loads with low gears for climbing and chugging along. The Pinarello has a shorter geometry for quicker turning response and more power. It rides comfortably, but is built for more speed than comfort. The gearing is setup for speed. I will need to go for several rides before I feel totally comfortable, otherwise I might break my neck on a fast downhill. Overall, I love the new bike and now need to figure out how to use each bike regularly. Its supposed to be sunny all week, so I plan to ride on any day that is dry.

Mi Bicicletti

Our good freinds, the Noel's, are moving to a new house today. It will be a bit strange to visit them in a new home. Katrina mentioned this morning that we have been there to help at each of their moves since we met them. Not this time. Their new house is on our side of town, a short bike ride away, so that will be convenient. Katrina will get to see their new house first, since she will be heading to Corvallis in a couple of weeks for business. Brandon and I will see it in February.

I stopped at Auchan to pickup a few things since I have the car today. It was a bit busier than usual, for a Monday. Some of you have emailed me surprised at how early they start Christmas here. One reason I can think of is: they don't have Thanksgiving to think about. We will all be working and going to school on Thursday. That will be a bit weird.

What is up with the Broncos?! They are playing as if the first six weeks of wins were given to them, because they sure aren't earning anything now. The look like a college or even high school team could beat them. Well, at least they will have six wins for the season.

Brandon had his classmate Amelie over for a playdate after school today. They played with the cat, went outside, then came in to play Club Penguin on the computer.

We spent the evening decorating our Christmas tree. Normally we wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year we decorated early.

Our Christmas tree. Not the greatest picture, but I'm sure Katrina will take better shots and post them later. We left all of our ornaments in Oregon. This tree is decorated with silver ornaments from IKEA and ornaments from our many European travels.

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