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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where is the Sun??

Once again we woke up to clouds, a little fog and a little rain. The forecast keeps saying that the sun will come out, but it hasn't so yet.

I had a pretty good Italian lesson this morning. Katrina's lesson was short because she had to leave for work early.

I spent the afternoon at Brandon's school reading with his classmates. I love it! They are very interesting children. It look forward to getting to know each of them during the rest of the school year.

Once again, the sun never made an appearance today. It has been fairly warm, in the low 60's, but I guess the sun never go the forecast memo.

Brandon had his Italian lesson this afternoon. He has such an amazing memory! He gets is and keeps it in his head. For me, Rosella has to keep pounding away until its stamped in my memory.

We had a midterm conference with Brandon's teacher, Ms Partridge, this evening. Brandon is doing well with his school work. We had a nice talk with her while Brandon read and drew pictures in the hallway.

This evening I made gnocchi with mushroom and shallot sauce. It was very tasty, especially with a glass of red wine.

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