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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Games

We woke up to another rainy day in Vedano.

Last night Brandon's homework was to make a Halloween decoration for his class party on Friday. Katrina had a foam pumpkin shape that she received for a work group contest. They decided to work together. Brandon decorated the pumpkin and took it to school. Katrina took a picture for her contest.

An Italian Halloween

The artists and their work.

Halloween is not an official holiday in Italy. There are no Halloween candy aisles in the grocery stores. You can find small (very small) displays of Halloween decorations and even a few costumes in some of the big stores, like Auchan. Most of it is purchased for parties or by foreigners like us. Since Brandon goes to and International school, they host a Halloween party for all.

Katrina is busy with some issues at work so she cancelled her Italian class for this morning and went to work early.

I had my Italian lesson at my usual time. Rosella brought a chess game with her. We've had discussions about learning to play chess. What better and easier way to learn chess than in Italian...lol! I won the first game - beginners luck). The second game took much longer and we finally stopped play to do some other Italian instruction. I have never been interested in chess and always thought it was too complicated. It is complicated, but I understood it quickly and look forward to playing more in the future.

I played with Italian electricity today. The main wall in our entry has wires hanging out of a hole, all set for a light fixture. We decided to buy one when we were at IKEA this past weekend and I installed it today.

Brandon seemed to have trouble focusing on Italian today, and it wasn't even that hard. Rosella taught him, in Italian, how to play Backgammon. I've never played it myself, so now I've learned two new games in one day.

This evening I played my 'get out of cooking dinner' card. Once in awhile its nice to not cook dinner. When Katrina arrived home I went out and bought some pizzas for us. Brandon chose to have a hot dog.

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