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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Its raining this morning. I am up and getting ready to walk Brandon to school. Katrina is tired and trying to sleep in. She couldn't fall asleep until almost 1am. She seems a bit overtired and stressed this week. I'll do what I can to help her.

I spent most of the day planning our researching and making reservations for our Tuscany trip at the end of October, as well as some last minute planning for Paris.

Katrina worked from home again today. She has another online class this evening and though it would be easier at home.

Brandon had his first Aikido class after school today and loved it. I picked him up from school at 4:45 and we went shopping for a birthday gift. His classmate Emilio is having a party after school tomorrow.

This evening we had fresh trout and corn for dinner. It was tasty, but it sure had a lot of bones.

Ah, I think the rainy season has arrived in Vedano. The 15 day forecast has more rain than sun in it. At least the forecast for Paris is looking sunny for the weekend.

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