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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Formula Friday

Well, today is the first day of the Formula 1 races at the Autodromo just down the street. Katrina is working from home so that she doesn't have to deal with the traffic. Since I was going for a bike ride, I rode with Brandon to school, then headed towards Como. I didn't intend to go all the way to Como, but I just wanted to head that way. I made it within a few kilometers of the Como city limits before deciding to turn around and head home. My legs felt very heavy and tired this morning, but it was a good ride overall.

The streets of Vedano were a bit busier when I rode through on the way home. There are lots of people walking to the track, merchandise vendors setup in the streets, cars parked in all the fields around town, buses and motorcoaches, and police with street barricades at most every intersection. I could hear the humm of the race cars on the track. According to the schedule, I am hearing the Formula 1 - 1st sessione di prove going on. Here at home its not nearly as loud as everyone said it would be. With the windows open you can definitely hear the hum of the cars racing.

I spent the afternoon working on plans for our Paris weekend, doing laundry and sweeping. Its another beautiful day in Vedano. I think the high is supposed to be 29c.

We found out this morning that the renters in our house moved out on the 3rd, but our management people already have renters moving in on the 25th. We'll miss a full months rent, but its not sitting empty for months and months.

Our good friends put their house up for sale! What the heck?! They recently finished a few projects to make the house more to their liking...or was it all smoke and mirrors...and they were just working to increase the value from the very start! We hope all goes well for them. It sounds like they might be moving closer to our Corvallis house. If you are looking for a 3 bedroom home in a nice Corvallis neighborhood, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Ahh...I hear the humming of race cars again. It kind of sounds like a giant swarm of bees in the distance. Let's see, according to the schedule its the Formula 1 - 2nd sessione di prove. I can't wait for tomorrow. Katrina is going so we should get some great photos with her camera. Where did I put those ear plugs...

I rode over to Vedano to 'buy' some money (the going rate is currently e1 = $1.45) then pickup Brandon at school. The streets are full of cars and race fans. On the way home we stopped at our gelateria, restarting our Friday afterschool tradition.

There is nothing quite like watching your 8 year old son play Wii in his underwear. It's not even that hot out.

We had chicken burritos, chips & salsa and Corona's with lime for dinner. Now isn't that Italian!

It began to rain, lightning and thunder after dinner. I love the sound of thunder in the evening. They say it will only rain tonight and should be nice and sunny for Formula 1 racing tomorrow.

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