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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Siena e' divisa in diciassette contrade - Siena is divided into seventeen districts.

I had a slow morning at home. Katrina was awake, having tea and writing in her journal when I got up. Brandon slept until almost 10am! He might have slept longer if I hadn't opened all the shades.

Brandon and I decided to go into downtown Monza today. We had a slow start with him sleeping late. We finally got going around 11:30 and had to wait an hour for the bus. Good thing our neighborhood gelato guy is near the bus stop. With our two gelati today, the official count has now reached 100! According to the schedule, we should have had 3 buses come by in that hour. My only guess is that there are fewer running in August do to all the businesses shut down for vacation.

Anyway, we rode the bus to the pedestrian zone. Our first stop was a toy store. Brandon found a small Lego set he is wishing for - a Harry Potter set. (In three days he has finished the last 1/3 of book 1 and is now halfway through book 2). Our next stop was the Modellismo shop to look at diecast cars. They are closed for August! Third stop was another toy store. After that, we just walked around downtown, stopping at the train station to watch several trains go by.

We were going to catch the bus back home, but I wanted to stop at a bike shop I had spotted last week. We walked about 1/3 of the way home, towards the bike shop, only to find it also closed for the month of August. Even the movie theater is closed until September 1st. Somehow, even though it is in the 90's today, we ended up walking all the way home. It took about an hour, but we had a good time checking out the neighborhoods and chatting along the way.

This afternoon we were happy to stay inside from the heat. After a few days of cooler weather, we are back into the 90's with the AC running all the time. Brandon ate a late lunch and watched some Tom & Jerry. He loves that show and the Boomerang channel seems to play the cartoons several times a day. He also loves Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel.

Brandon and I played some Mario Kart this evening. I also painted the a second frame for Katrina. We are taking some blue frames we have and painting them black for our main living area.

I made chicken fajitas for dinner this evening. If only we had cheddar cheese! In the land of cheese, there is no cheddar.

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