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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cultural Training in Milano

We woke up at 7am to get ready for a day of cultural training in Milano. Our language instruction from Berlitz included this class. Its an an all day class at their center in downtown Milano.

The weather forecast for today is 16c (60 degrees) with rain and heavy rain.

We drove to Sesta FS to park and catch the red subway into Milano. It was a quick, smooth and easy ride into the city. Once there we walked a few blocks to the studio where our cultural class was to take place. Downtown Milano is like a maze of tall building and narrow streets. We were about a 1/2 hour early for our class so we walked around a few blocks in the area to see what the neighborhood was like.

Our class was all day long with a lunch break at 12:30. Brandon kept himself busy reading and drawing in one of the spare offices. Katrina and I discussed living and working in Italy with the instructor. I think Katrina got the most out of the class. To me, a lot of it was too focused on working in Italy and not so much on living here. We finally finished at 5:30. Back to the subway for our ride back to Sesta FS, where we had to make a family decision. We had dinner plans with Gianluigi, his wife, Davide and his wife, Mike and his girlfriend Jen (who just suprised Mike by arriving today from Corvallis). We were very tired from our all day class, but also hungry. After much debate and some crying from Brandon (maybe a little from me too), we decided to go to dinner afterall.

We arrived at Gianluigi's apartment at 7pm, the first one's. After waiting for everyone else to arrive, we loaded up and drove a little ways to the pizzeria, Milano Trophy Pizza. This was a great place. An Italian buffet of sorts. You order drinks then they start bringing pizzas around table by table. The waiters give you whatever slices you want. They serve 52 varieties. Most are traditional Italian combinations. Or, how about onions and french fries? Tuna and onions? Ketchup pizza? Each table has a block of wood in the center with a green and a red side. You keep the green side up until you can't eat anymore pizza, then turn the red side up to stop. Its was a fun place to eat with great friends.

Rain, rain, rain. Its been raining off and on all day long. The next few days are looking wet.

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