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Monday, January 26, 2009

Going Away Party

Last night we attended a Going Away Party for our friends and neighbors, the Beaumariages. Terry works for IT at HP and found out last summer that IT was being consolidated and moved out of Corvallis. They were basically given three options: 1) Move to Georgia, 2) Move to Austin TX, or 3) Look for a new job here in Corvallis. They were given 18 months. They chose moving to Austin TX and put their house up for sale in the fall. They finally sold it on December 26th and will be leaving for Austin this coming Thursday January 29th.

The Beaumariages have lived in the neighborhood since before we moved here. We didn't really get to know them until Brandon started kindergarten. Their middle (of three) is the same age and was in Brandon's class. They have been in the same class now for 3 years and are best friends. Julia is active with the school Scrip program and the APT.

The Beaumariages are also very active with the Scouts. Terry is the scout master, Julia the Committee Chair.

They will be missed and we will have big shoes to fill in the various activities they were involved in. We hope they get settled and enjoy their new home and city, but we will miss them. I know Brandon will be sad when moving day arrives later this week.

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