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Monday, December 15, 2008


Continueing on with our snow day. Brandon and I decided to go check out a sledding hill that one of Brandon's classmates told us about. It's in a neighborhood near the country club, just above Brandon's school.

When we arrived we found about 20 or more people cruising down the hill. Its actually a street, Long Hill, that the parents close off with cones to allow the kids to sled.

Brandon was actually a little timid on the first two runs. He doesn't sled very often. On the third run he got a nice long straight shot down the hill and came back smiling. He was hooked and became a bit of a daredevil from that point on. He even raced some of the big kids down the hill and actually beat them a few times.

Brandon did have three crashes. On the first one he hit someone on the way down who didn't move out of the way fast enough. This left Brandon crying for a couple of minutes. He was hit in the head.

The second crash was into the ditch. Uneventful.

The third crash was a bail out because he was heading off course towards a line of bushes. He bailed and rolled a couple of times.

He has so much fun he wants me to take him back later this afternoon.

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