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Friday, October 31, 2008


Its Halloween! One of my favorite holidays. I look forward to dressing up and just having some fun as someone or something else.

Most years we host a Halloweend party, but not this year. We have found that too many people have too much going on on the actual holiday. When we have the party on a different day, we usually get a pretty good turnout of friends and neighbors.

Brandon wanted to dress up as Indiana Jones, but we waited too long and found the costume was sold out everywhere. So, we purchased a pirate costume, which he was still pretty excited about since last year his pirate costume was home made.

This afternoon Brandon and I will head downtown for the annual Downtown Trick or Treat. Its a ton of fun and it seems like every family in town shows up.

Since we are not having a party this evening, we will spend some more time Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. The Noel's are coming over for pizza and to hang out later in the evening.

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