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Monday, July 25, 2011

Need More Oxygen

I think I was the last person up this morning.  Katrina and I are sleeping in the travel trailer.  Brandon is sleeping on a bunk in his cousin Josh's room.

Today, Katrina and I celebrate our 18th anniversary!!

After seeing what was going on - Jeff and Laurie had work to do, Katrina had some postcard sorting to do and the boys were playing, I decided to go for a bike ride.

I brought my Pinarello on this trip to get some riding in.  I've only ridden 4 times in the three weeks we have been home.  I have two big rides coming up in September, so I need to get some miles in.

I left the house and headed south towards McClure Pass.  My plan was to ride at least 20 km (12 miles) one way before turning around, for a total of 24 miles.   That was my usual distance when I rode in Italy.  The ride up to the pass is basically uphill, mostly 1 and 2% grade along the Crystal River.  Add together a couple weeks of non riding when we moved, only 4 times riding since we arrived in Italy, and Colorado altitude, and my body was crying "Need more oxygen".  I did fine, but was downright exhausted when I returned to the house.  I wish I had taken my camera with.  It's a beautiful ride up the valley, with the river and Mt Sopris looming nearby.  I will probably head that way again tomorrow, so this time I'll take a camera.

I'm glad I went riding this morning.  This afternoon is warmed up to 95 degrees F.  It's hot here in Colorado.

I spent much of the afternoon helping Katrina apply postage and address labels to a couple hundred postcards.  She is hosting a postcard swap and wanted to get the first batch in the mail today.

We were supposed to go see Harry Potter this afternoon, but Jeff ended up needing to meet with a client, so we postponed seeing the movie until probably Wednesday.

This evening Laurie made a dinner of grilled trout, corn on the cobb, rice and salad.  She is keeping us well fed.  I need to make sure I ride everyday to keep from gaining any more weight.

Tomorrow morning we are going rafting down the Crystal and Colorado Rivers.

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