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Friday, July 8, 2011

Errand Day

All of our boxes are just about gone.  We have a few small piles around the house, but most things are now in their place.  The garage is even starting to get sorted out.  Our belongings sorted and stacked along the walls, and a big pile of garage sale items in the middle.  

Today I ran some errands:  picking up new keys for the mailbox, making an appointment for a locksmith to come rekey our locks on the house, picking up a few things at Home Depot - including a piece of wood for my new desk in the train room, picking up my bike from Bike & Hike, and a few things from Bimart.  Its amazing how many little things need to be purchased for the house when you have been gone for two years.

As you may have read a few days ago, I was pretty unhappy with the way the TSA inspected my bike box.  I wasn't mad that they inspected, but mad about the lack of respect for personal belongings.  I paid a lot of money to have it packed so that there would be no damage.  The TSA completely undid all that and then stuffed loosely back in the box.  

Bike & Hike called today to let me know they had reassembled it.  Thankfully, only minor damage.  The derailleur  was bent, but they fixed it.  I will need to replace it someday in the future, but it should work just fine for now for now.  I got lucky.  

I have the TSA notification paper sitting here on my desk and plan to write them an email about the treatment of personal belongings.  

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