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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ups and Downs Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned the ups and downs of getting ready to move internationally.  Excitement, sadness...and today, annoyance at all the things we need to do.  In June and July we are no longer living our normal day to day lives.  In June, much of our time is spent getting ready to move.  In July, much of our time will be spent getting settled in our house.  Its and exciting time.  Its a disruptive time.  Today, its an annoying time.

I spent 3 1/2 hours this morning painting our bedroom.  It needed another coat because of this grimy blackness on the walls that became much more evident after I painted the first coat.  Today I applied coat #2 and #3 ( in some really bad areas).  I think the room is now done except for a few edges that may need touch up once the paint dries.

Now its time to start the last room, Brandon's room. But first, we need to sort through his toys and make room for me to paint.

Chinese take out for dinner tonight. We were supposed to go to Mexicali with friends, but I couldn't get a reservation.

Brandon arrived home at 4:30 after three days of activities on his residential trip.  He had a great time as always.  Today they visited Remeron in Comerio - a cave.  He came home a bit dirty and in his boots.  They had to wear hard hats with headlamps.  He said he felt like a miner.

Tomorrow Brandon and I are heading to Lugano Switzerland for the day.  We will be watching the stage 1 time trial of the Tour de Suisse.  This will be the last pro race we get to see before we move home :(

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