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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorting, Organizing and Lago di Como

It seems as though no matter how many times I walk through our apartment, I still notice things that need to be sorted, cleaned, or thrown away.  It seems endless, although it will finally end on Wednesday when the movers come to pack the house.

We had a slow morning at home before heading to Lago di Como in the late afternoon.  Brandon and I wanted to show Katrina our favorite lookout point up near the cycling chapel above Bellagio.  It was such a beautiful, clear sunny day, everyone was out.

We checked out the Chapel of Madonna del Ghisalo, dedicated to the patron saint of cycling, then enjoyed the views from the overlook.  We had planned on enjoying some gelato and a drink along the waterfront in Bellagio, but when we arrived down there, it was so crowded and busy we couldn't even find a parking space.  Everyone in northern Italy must have been at the lake today!

Monument dedicated to cyclists

Brandon and Katrina, with the Alps in the background.

The Museo del Ciclismo - Museum of Cycling

We were tired and Brandon wasn't feeling so well, so we took the lakeside route to Lecco and headed home to relax before our busy week.

This evening we headed to Il Ghiottone, our favorite neighborhood pizzeria for dinner.  We've always had pizzas for takeout and have never tried their restaurant.  All three of us ordered pasta dishes and they were excellent.  Our favorite neighborhood place did not disappoint.

Katrina and I watched one last movie on our TV - Prescilla, Queen of the Desert.  What a wacky movie.  I say last movie because tomorrow morning the rental agency will pick up our microwave, vacuum, and TV.

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