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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sorting and Sort of Packing

We spent a good part of today sorting through our belongings, figuring out what we need to take with us to Oregon, what can go in the container shipment which probably won't arrive until mid to late August, and what we should get rid of.

We even 'sort of packed' out suitcases.  We needed to see how much we could fit into 6 large suitcases for checked luggage - clothes, day to day items, a couple of pots and pans, some utencils, etc.  Yes, we have a lot of our belongings in storage at home, but most of those things are items we don't necessarily use day to day.

We also have to think about what airline we are flying on, what the baggage allowances are - how many, weights, etc, what the costs will be for extra baggage, how to ship one of my bikes and a cat.

Long story short, we are pretty well set.  We will be checking 6 large suitcases and a bike, carrying 2 small suitcases on the plane with us, along with a cat, and three backpacks.  Make sure your not behind us at the check in line and at the security line!!

Our house is now organized chaos.  We have piles and sticky notes all over the place.  We had to separate what we are taking vs what the movers pack and make sure it is clear to the movers what not to pack!!

All of this is stressful, exciting and sad and at the same time.

Oh, and we had to make an inventory list of the items we are shipping, for insurance purposes.

Most of the hard work is now done.  This week I need to paint Brandon's room and prepare for the school picnic on Friday - assuming it stops raining.

Next weekend we plan to take a day trip or two.  One to Milan one last time, the other probably to Lago di Como.  

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