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Friday, June 3, 2011

Glasgow and Back to Italy

Today was our last day in Scotland.  Our flight home was in the late afternoon, so we had a few hours free to wander and explore Glasgow a bit.  Before heading out we filled up on breakfast at the hotel.  Brandon had 5 waffles!

We decided to follow the Rick Steve's walking tour.  

The tour started here, at the Central Train Station.  

Glasgow is bigger than Edinburgh, but forever lives in its shadow.  It was once a run down former port city, but has made significant gains and improvements in recent years.  It is a popular city for those interested in architecture, as it boasts quite a mixture of Victorian, early 20th century and modern buildings.  

Glasgow has quite a nightlife, and this may be a sign of what went on last night.  

Glasgow Modern Art Museum, with its Neoclassical facade.  The museums charter is:  It displays only the work of living artists.  

Glass mosaic on the museum pediment. 

James Watt, inventor of the steam engine, was from Glasgow.

Queen Victoria riding her horse.  My great Aunt Lillian spent many years doing a family history for my Mom's side of the family.  One far off branch can be followed back to Queen Victoria.  

Interesting graffiti 

We stopped at several architectural highlights around the city, including some Art Nouveau Maidens, the "Hatrack" building, the Willow Tea Rooms and the Glasgow School of Art.  

We ended our walking tour at the Tenement House.  Inside is a middle class home of a Scottish woman, after 10 years of hospitalization, never redecorated.  He home stood unchanged for 5 decades before the Scottish Trust acquired the residence.  The calendar in the kitchen is still set for 1935.  Unfortunately, we arrived too early.  It did not open until 1pm and we didn't want to sit for an hour.  

So, we headed back into town, taking the flat route.  Glasgow is a hilly town with some streets at 20% grade.  

Our trip home was uneventful, which is always a good thing.  We had to catch a train to the airport,at dinner at the airport,  then flew on Ryan Air back to Bergamo.  

Ah, our last 'big' vacation has come and gone.  Scotland was fabulous.  I especially loved the Highlands and would definitely rent a car if we ever go back.  I'd love to wander the county roads and see the small villages and the higher mountains.  

We have one more small 4 day trip to Venice.  We head there on the 23rd after Brandon finishes his last day of school.  We couldn't leave Italy without visiting one of our favorite places one more time.  

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