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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home to Italy - 60 Days Left

A bit annoyed!  I already published this post a few days ago, but then Blogger had issues and everything for the past 4 days was erased!  

We slept in this morning since our flight back home didn't leave until mid afternoon.  After getting ready, we decided it would be more interesting to just hang out in the airport and have lunch before the flight.  It's a good thing we left early.  Today there was a scheduled transit strike.  The Metro would be shut down from 7 - 9am on normal lines and all day to the airport.  

It was after 9am, so we took the Metro to a plaza where there was supposed to be express buses to the airport.  Nope, they were not there.  The plaza was the site of a labor demonstration and the buses were moved to another location.  We briefly discussed a cab, but they were super expensive.  So, we hopped on the Metro again and headed to the new bus location.  

We did finally make it to the airport.  

Demonstrators on Labour Day

We had a nice lunch at a restaurant in the airport, then relaxed while we waited for our flight. The flight home was good and we arrived back at our house in the early evening. It's always nice to go on vacation, and its always nice to get back home again.

We now have 60 days left in Italy and those days are going to be fairly busy ones, so time will fly by quick. Its both exciting and sad - bittersweet.

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