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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back in Oia

Today was our last day on the island of Santorini.  We chose to spend it wandering around Oia one more time.  It's a lovely town with white homes and blue domes.  

The only downside to Oia, its so white it even smells of fresh paint.  

Katrina and I checked out a bookstore, where Katrina found a Santorini calendar and some journals.  Brandon sat outside and played on his Nintendo DS.

I really like this shot. 

Brandon and I took a break from wandering.  He played in the park, mostly on the swings.  I had an ice cream and relaxed on a bench.  Katrina wandered off to take more pictures of Oia.

Brandon loves to swing!

There are many stray dogs in Oia.  The residents take care of them.  Each has a tag and seem to be in good health.  There are even food stations for them around Oia.  One Japanese photographer even produced a photo book of the cats and dogs of Oia.  The bookstore owner told us the animals are like family to the residents.  Dog on roof photo by Brandon

Brandon and Katrina enjoyed some very tasty garlic spaghetti.  I had mousaka (sp?)  Its kind of like a lazagna, with ground meat, cheese, and vegetables.  It was excellent.

More dogs of Oia

How can you not love this view.  

Brandon caught a picture of this guy bringing donkeys into town. - photo by Brandon

Cat at our hotel - photo by Brandon

Late in the afternoon we headed back to the hotel.  We've had a nice and relaxing vacation here in Santorini.  I would highly recommend this place to everyone.  

This evening we enjoyed one last dinner at the hotel.  Katrina and I had chicken souvlaki.  Brandon had meatballs.  Tomorrow we fly to Athens.  We will be there for two days, then fly home on Sunday.

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