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Monday, April 11, 2011

80 Days and Counting

Well, we hit another bench mark.  80 days and counting until we return home.

We've been thinking about it more and more as each week goes by.  We ask each other and share our thoughts on what we will miss and what we are looking forward to at home.

We are also preparing our house for the move.  We have work orders for new flooring to be installed this month - three bedrooms and the family room.  Landscapers will start working on our lawn and garden next week.  We have also scheduled a house cleaner to get the interior ready for us, but she won't do anything until June.

In the meantime, here in Italy we have several steps we are working on.  Our permits to be in Italy expired in March.  We currently have receipts that show that the renewal paperwork in 'in process'.   We gave our 90 day notice to the landlord.  We are getting ready to give our notice for TV and furniture rentals.

And during all this, we are trying to live normally and enjoy our time in Italy while it lasts.  We are coming up on spring break, which begins on April 21.  We will be heading to the island of Santorini Greece for the week.  I'm also working on plans for our last 'big' vacation, which will be to Norway at the end of May.

It's a busy time.  Spring has sprung and it feels more like summer, with temps in the 80's many days and fans on at night.  Life goes on and we must enjoy each moment.

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