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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valley of the Temples

We awoke to sunshine this morning!  Katrina woke up early and enjoyed some quiet time on the balcony while Brandon and I slept in.  

Do I really need to get up?!

After breakfast in the hotel, we headed out for a day in the Valley of the Temples.  The Valley of the Temples is located on the south side of Sicily in the city of Agrigento.  It is one of Sicily's top attractions and a Unesco World Heritage site.   Here you will find a complex of Greek temples and remains of the ancient city of Akragas.  There are five Doric temples on the site, sitting on a ridge along the coast.  

Temple of Hera - photos by Brandon

View of the Mediterranean Sea - photo by Brandon

Temple of Hercules - photos by Brandon

Looking back at he Temple of Hera - photo by Brandon

Temple of Concord - photos by Brandon

Playing with shadows - photo by Brandon

Temple of Concord - photo by Brandon

Temple of Hercules - photo by Brandon

Greek rubble 

Temple of Dioscuri

Temple of Dioscuri - notice this one still has white plaster finish, very rare

Temple of Concord

We spent a few hours roaming around the archeological sites, taking a break at midday to have lunch at a local bar.  It was a beautiful day - sunny and warm.  Many of the almond trees (this region is famous for them) were in full bloom.  

We had a couple hour drive back to Cefalu, on the opposite side of the island.  Before heading to the hotel we stopped in town and had a wonderful pasta dinner.  

Tomorrow we will check out and head east to our next hotel in Taormina, near Mt. Etna.  

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