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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taormina and Home

We woke to sunny skies and warm temperatures today.  Our flight home didn't leave until 4pm, so we packed up, checked out and stored our luggage in the car so that we could walk around Taormina a little bit.

The coast was lovely this morning.

Mt Etna looms in the distance

We wandered the side streets of Taormina for a couple of hours.  Katrina took a lot of pictures this trip.  I think she said it was in the neighborhood of 1500 - 2000!

The streets of Taormina were alive with tourists and locals this morning - the most crowded we have seen it all week.

Early this afternoon we headed to the airport in Catania.  It took a few wrong turns to find the rental car drop off, but we managed.  Our first order of business in the airport was lunch.  Thankfully they had a Ciao Ristorante, which usually serves good food.  

Our flight back to Milan was uneventful.  The passengers even cheered for the captain after we touched down.  I think it was the smoothest touchdown I have ever witnessed.  We could barely feel it.  

Well, a week is Sicily is now past.  We have a marvelous time and would recommend Sicily to anyone.  It's Italy, but with a much more laid back style.  

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