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Friday, March 25, 2011

1/2 Day of School and Off to Ravenna

Brandon had his last half day of school today.  The teachers have 4 half planning days through the year.  Once he was out of school, we waited for Katrina to finish work and we headed out.

We headed southeast to Ravenna, Italy, about 3 1/2 hours from Vedano al Lambro, arriving around dinner time.  After circling the city center several times, we finally found our hotel.  Our GPS kept trying to take us down one way streets - the wrong way - and all sorts of pedestrian zones that just didn't seem right.

We finally got checked in and parked in the hotel courtyard, then relaxed the room, tired.  Brandon and I wanted dinner.  Katrina wasn't hungry since she ate a very late lunch.  Brandon and I found a nice little pizzeria just down the street.  He ordered a marinara and I had 4 Stagioni.  We also shared a capresi salad.  Yum!  This pizzeria makes good pizzas.

Back to our room to relax, the off to bed.  Tomorrow we explore Ravenna and its mosaics.

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