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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Brandon and I were planning on packing our bikes in the car and driving to Bellagio for a bike ride along the Lago di Como.  I have been fighting a cold, so our plans changed.  We decided to go exploring in the car.  I was the driver, Brandon was the navigator.

We headed north towards the mountains, choosing random directions each time we entered a roundabout.  We really never knew where we were heading.  It was fun.  We passed through many interesting old towns, before heading up into the mountains east of Lecco.  Our goal was to see how high we could get.

(All of todays photos were taken by Brandon)

Our goal was to see how high we could get on these mountains

At one point we ended up on a one lane mountain road, climbing and climbing, switchback after switchback, until we arrived at a small town and a dead end.

Narrow mountain road

After descending  back down the mountain, we found another road up the next mountain and climbed once again.  This time, even higher until we we seeing traces of snow in the shadows of the trees.  We ended up in another small village.

The highest and last village visited

At this point, we were ready to head home.  Brandon turned on the GPS and set the destination for home.  We could have easily backtracked down the main road, but the GPS told us to turn down a small lane.  Bad idea!!  This lane was barely wide enough for the car, just an inch or two on each side of the mirrors, and it curved to the left.  As we slowly made our way down the lane, we actually had to go down a couple of steps.   We came around a corner and found ourselves looking down into a church.  There were steps leading down the the church, so we knew we were in trouble.  The lane veered to the left and around the church, but there were a couple of parked cars, so we had nowhere to go.  Thankfully, the lane was just big enough for us to carefully turn around, inching back and forth, until we were headed back up the lane and out to the main road.  We still don't know where the GPS thought it was taking us, but we were happy to just find our own way out of town.

Narrow lane that the GPS wanted us to follow

It was an adventure that took most of the afternoon.  We had fun, but we were happy to be heading home after 4 1/2 hours in the car.

Back in Vedano Brandon decided we should wash the car before going home.  It's been a long time, so I agreed.  Our normal car wash had a long line - it was sunny and in the 60's, so everyone was taking advantage of the nice day.  We drove around and found a car wash on the other side of town and had had the outside cleaned, but we couldn't figure out the change machine for the vacuums.  We were determined to clean the inside, so we drove on to another car wash.  It too was busy, but most people were waiting in line to wash the outside of their cars, so we found a vacuum slot open.  Once again, we couldn't figure out how to pay for credit.  A nice Italian next to us explained that we had to go buy a plastic card and put credit on it.  We did and were able to vacuum the car.  Oh the simple things that can be so challenging sometimes.

Brandon vacuums his side of the car

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