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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today we headed to Positano.  We had hope to see the Amalfi Coast town during our day with Carmello, but the sun went down and it was too dark.

Death notices.  These are posted in town for all to see.

We caught the Amalfi Coast bus and headed to Positano.  It is said that the Greek god Poseidon created Positano for Pasitea, a nymph he lusted after.  The town is a mix of cafes and women's clothing stores.  90% of the shops are clothing boutiques.  

The skies were cloudy as we drove down the coast.

The coast highway clings to the cliffside

When the road narrows, and it does fairly often, visitors come upon scenes like this.  Who will give way, the car or our bus?  The cars of course...they had to backup a bit so that bus could make it safely around the corner.

Tomatos hanging on a balcony

Positano.  The skyline looks as similiar as it did a century ago.  It's almost impossible to get a building permit here.  Landowners are very restricted on any external renovations they make. 

We spotted these great monsaics in front of the cathedral. 

The town has no center piazza.  It does offer narrow lanes that either climb up or down the ravine that it sits in.  There is little to do in town, other than eat, windowshop and relax.  In the summer the pebbly beach becomes the centerpiece of Positano

Brandon enjoys some pasta con Bolognese.  This restaurant on the beach was one of the few open in the off-season, and it was pricey.  Pasta dishes for 12 - 20 euro.  We ate light today. 

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta, originated as the abbey of Positano's 12th century Benedictine monastery.  This site was once home to a Roman villa that was buried when Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D.

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