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I am a 45 year husband and dad, currently adjusting to life back in the United States after living in Italy for a little over two years. I love spending time with my family, cycling, model railroading, mosaics and watching TV and movies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The sun came back out today!! We woke up to blue skies and sunshine.

I took Brandon to school this morning, then volunteered in grade 2 for an hour. My Wednesday meeting with Mr Partridge was cancelled, so I went for a bike ride. It was chilly and my body didn't like it, but I had a good time. It's been awhile.

I am not happy with this blog today.  I tested a change to the color scheme and something got messed up.  I cannot get the usual side bar info to show up.  You will notice some layout changes, some of which I planned and others, just because I can't get a few things to work. 

Frustrations....Brandon wants pizza for dinner.  Sounds good to me. 

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