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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today we took the train to Como.

We woke up to a sunny beautiful day. We caught the bus, this time riding it to the Monza train station, arriving just in time to catch the train to Como.

The ride to Como took about 45 minutes. We arrived just before noon and walked into the old city. It was nice to walk through some narrow lanes that I've never seen before. Como had more interest than I remember from past visits.

Katrina likes to take photos of bicycles. I guess I was feeling her creative energy.

We were all hungry, so we stopped at a Trattoria for lunch. The lunch was ok. It was in a touristy area, so the food was average.

After lunch we headed up the funiculare to Brunate, the town that sits on the hill above Como. We explored the basilica and walked a kilometer down a shady fall lane to the overlook. It truly was a magnificent day - blue skies and just the slightest cool fall air.

Ceiling of the basilica dome

I guess Mom & Dad needed proof that they were in Como

Isn't this the most beautiful driveway! And to a villa, of course.

More fall colors

Mom really like this tree

The lookout point over Lago di Como

We rode the funiculare back down to Como and went for a one hour boat ride on Lago di Como. It was fantastic. The villas, hotels and towns along the shoreline looked brilliant in the evening sun.

Before heading home, we walked back through the old city center and bought some gelato, Mom and Dad's first. We also stopped at a pasticiera for a few cookies to eat on the train ride home.

We caught the train home and arrived back in Monza after dark. After a short bus ride back to our apartment, we arrived home happy but tired.

Pizza night! When we are too tired to cook it becomes pizza night. It was another great day in Italy. Tomorrow we will take a break and stick around home.

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