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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Rainy Day

We woke up to a cloudy and rainy day.  I guess one day of sunshine is better than none. 

I was looking at some stats for this blog earlier this morning.  It's interesting to me that the top blog posts from the past year are:  1)  Gardaland, August 13, and 2) Anne Frank, June 20.  I'm surprised that my day at Gardaland is such a popular blog post. 

I had a coffee chat with Mr Partridge (principal) and the class reps this morning.  It went very well and I have received several positive comments.  We didn't have time for a class rep meeting though.  I'm glad most of the information I have is suitable for an email.

I had an amazing afternoon.  I decided to go visit the art store where I buy most of my mosaic materials.  I haven't been in lately.  When I arrived I found it closed for lunch.  As I turned to head back home I made a last minute decision to visit a nearby mall that I have not been in. 

As I entered the mall I spotted quite a few easels with mosiac art on display.  It turns out that the mall was hosting a mini art expo and one of the featured artists is Pierino Bonci. He has working with mosaics for 30+ years.  We spoke and he ended up giving me a detailed tour of each of his works.  What an experience!!  He was working on a new piece at his table, so he took some time to teach me some techniques.  This was better than finding the art store open.  It felt like it was a tangent of my day that was meant to be. 

This evening I picked up Katrina at work. She's been on an 'in town' business trip this week and working a lot of hours.  She was very happy for me to pick her up and get her home.  We picked up Brandon on the way home.  He was at his friend Vincents house working on a school project...and playing, I'm sure. 

Heavy rain this evening.  There is a hint of potential sun in the forecast for tomorrow...

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