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Saturday, October 16, 2010


We woke up early and headed to Venice today.

Since we couldn't all fit into our car, Katrina and Heather rode the train to Venice. The rest of us drove.

We arrived in Venice pretty much at the same time. After buying our Vaporetto tickets, we hopped on one and headed to our favorite Cinese restaurant near Ponte Rialto. We had our usual favorite lunch and they had a chance to try Chinese food - Italian style.

Dylan tries some of Brandon's Nuovele de Gamberi

Now onto some Sweet and Sour Chicken

Heather tries spicy beef

After lunch we slowly made our way through Venice, Rob and I dragging suitcases behind us. We stopped at many stores and kiosks so that Heather and Katrina could shop for scarves. We also stopped on the Rialto Bridge.


Heather shops for scarves

Grand Canal

Brandon enjoys some Venetian cookies

On the Rialto Bridge

Views from the Rialto

Wood motorcycle

We finally made it to our hotel, Allogia Barbaria. We were greeted by Fausto, who remembers us from our previous visits to Venice. I think this was our 5th visit!

We got settled, grabbed our jackets (it was rather chilly in Venice, and headed to Murano for the afternoon.

Murano is the island of glass. Katrina and Heather spent a lot of time in the shops, looking at rings and necklaces. Us guys walked along the canal and waited patiently. I did get a chance to pop into Mosaici Dona' Murano, the local mosaic shop. It was overwhelming! Unfortunately, I did not have a project plan, so I did not know what to buy. Fortunately, I have time to come up with a project before we head to Venice again in three weeks with my parents.

Beautiful buildings in Murano

The main canal through Murano

Heather and Katrina pause to wave as they head to the next shop.

Heather buys a ring

Heather checks out some necklaces

We spent a couple of hours wandering around the island. In the early evening the shops began to close up for the night and a light rain began to fall, so we caught the vaporetto back to Venice.

Things became a little rowdy while we waited for the Vaporetto

It became a bit wet this evening. Rob ended up buying some 5 euro umbrellas. We wandered around the shops of Venice, then ended up at a restuarant for dinner. We all ended up having pasta al pesto or pomodoro. After dinner we headed back to the hotel.

Narrow alley

Trying to stay dry

Katrina wanted to take some night photos, so I went out again with her while Brandon stayed behind to play with Dylan. I held the umbrella over Katrina's camera to keep it dry, but we both arrived back at the hotel soaking wet.

It was a great first day in Venice. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Its supposed to be a rainy day.

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