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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Searching for Beds

I spent most of my morning looking for beds. We need a place for my family to sleep while they visit. We have a couch that folds out into a bed, but that does not provide much privacy.

We wanted to get an air bed, but apparently they are mostly used for camping here in Italy. Since it is no longer camping season, most stores that had them in stock, no longer have them.

I visited IKEA on a tip that they had some fold away beds that might work. They did, but the mattresses were paper thin - thinner than the mattress on Brandon's bed, which is bad. I decided they would not cut it, so I headed across the street to the shopping mall.

Carrefour had folding beds as well, but they also came with cheap uncomfortable mattresses. I had almost given up when I found two air mattresses in off season discount aisle, beside other random camping items. So, I bought two twin size air mattresses for the price of one.

Our guests may be down on the floor (rather than higher on a fold away bed), but they will be much more comfortable on the sturdier and thicker mattresses. Plus, they will have the privacy of Brandon's room. This may be important since our first guests, my sister and family, will be dealing with jetlag.

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