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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wii Friends

Brandon had a wonderful summer of travel and fun, but what he did lack was seeing his friends. 

There are two parts of attending a private International School that can be challenging sometimes:

1)  Most of the children don't live in the neighborhood, so there is much less 'out of school' interaction. 
2)  We have found that a majority of the families travel to their 'home' countries during the summer.  We didn't go home, but we did travel for a large portion of the summer. 

So, when school started on Monday, Brandon was anxious to see his friends and enjoy some time with them.  On the first day of school he asked for friends to come over. 

We had Vincent over on Tuesday and Diego over today. 

Brandon and Vincent play MarioKart

Diego and Brandon playing Wii

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