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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 - Day 2

We awoke to a another chilly morning in Munich. No rain though! After breakfast, we headed straight to Oktoberfest.

Our main goal for today was to get into a beer tent. Oktoberfest was already in party mode when we arrived around 10am. Maybe it just never stops during its 16 day run!

We found no lines at the first beer tent, so we popped in and managed to find a table. Well, you don't find a table all for yourself. You find space at a table and you join whoever is already there.

We found a table and ordered a beer for me, a Radler for Katrina, and Coca Cola for Brandon. We also ordered some food for lunch...an early lunch. I think it was about 10:30 or 11 in the morning, but you must order if you are going to sit.

The tent was full of people who looked as though they had already been drinking beers for a couple of hours. I'm not really sure what time the tents open in the morning.

We found a table in the Spaten tent

Katrina and her liter of Radler - beer and lemonade.

My liter. Cheers!

Brandon tries to drink a 1/2 liter of Coca Cola. Normally he does not drink this much. In fact, he couldn't even finish it!

Many waiters and waitresses can carry 10 mugs of beer at once.


The tents are just one big party. People eating, drinking, dancing and lots of singing...old German drinking songs. There is even a band and entertainment throughout the day.

Katrina and I would have stayed in the tent, but Brandon wanted to go on a couple of rides. I took Brandon on a couple of rides while Katrina stuck around to take some pictures.

Random Revelers in the Spaten tent

Brandon wanted me to experience the Fun Haus that he and Katrina tried yesterday. We had a good time and quite a few laughs. Next came the bumper cars. Also a good time!

This 'portable' roller coaster does 5 loops!

Random photos from the midway

On our way back to find Katrina we spotted the beer wagons on display in front of the various brewery tents.

When we finally found Katrina, the beer tents were beginning to be quite full. We were able to wander through a couple of them, but couldn't find a table. We ended up at a quiet beer garden and enjoyed another beer and some pretzels. That's two liters each. I like beer, but the second one took a long time to finish.

Roasted candied nuts....they were everywhere. They get you with the fresh smell and they taste so good. Almonds are our favorite.

It takes a big pretzel to go with a liter of beer

Liter number 2 for each of us. It took us a lot longer to finish these beers.

We wandered around the midway a bit more then decided we were done with Oktoberfest. Brandon wanted to visit a toy museum in downtown Munich, so we caught the U-bahn and headed that way.

I decided that old toys were not that interesting, so I waited in Marienplatz. There was a band playing, and people watching is always a great sport.

We had a fantastic weekend at Octoberfest. If you have never been, I would suggest visiting sometime. Its a fun experience and a great party.

Tomorrow we head home.

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