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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bizarre Bath

We had a fantastic breakfast at our hotel this morning, then headed out for the day.

First thing on our list, a city walking tour. Rick Steve's suggest the free walking tours given by the Mayor's Corps of Honorary Guides. They give two hour walking tours, sharing their love of the city.

Our guide sharing some history of Bath.

At one point in time, the royal government decided it was not receiving enough tax money. They decided to tax windows. Many could not afford this new tax, so they bricked up many of their windows. A few of the rich actually added windows or painted windows on the side of their buildings to show off how rich they were...they could afford the tax.

This dog was very attentive of our walking tour.

Royal Crescent. The first Georgian 'condos' built by John Wood in the 1770's

Typical Georgian architecture. Some very famous people have homes on this street, including Mr Depp and Mr Cage.

After the walking tour, we were very hungry, but didn't want to sit down for lunch. We found the perfect meal - pasties. The traditional pasty has beef, potatoes, and onions inside, although there are many varieties to choose from.

We spent the afternoon wandering around Bath a little more, then we took the Skyline tour on the City Sightseeing buses. This tour took us into the hills around Bath, with views of the city.

Visitors to the Pump Room can try the water from the King's Spring. It is mineral water and comes out of the spring very warm in temperature. We were brave enough to try it. I didn't find it all that bad, other than the fact that I don't like drinking warm water.

This street performer asked for my assistance.

We spotted these cupcakes in the window of a tea room and ended up having tea here later in the day.

Typical Georgian architecture. If you've watched a Jane Austen movie or any Georgian period movie, you may have seen this street.

In the early evening we took a short break in the room to relax and take naps before heading out after dark.

We had dinner at Sally Lunn's. Remember the "oldest house in Bath" from yesterday? That is Sally Lunn's. Dinner was fabulous.

After dinner we headed to the Huntsman Pub. Earlier in the day Brandon spotted fliers for the Bizarre Bath Street Theater and he wanted to attend the show. It sounded fun, and was! The Bizarre Bath is a walking 'tour' of Bath, "with absolutely no history or culture." It is a hilarious comedy walk around town with skits, jokes, magic and fun with tour walkers and innocent passers by.

Halfway through the walk it began to rain...then rain harder...and harder...but the comedy went on. We ended the evening soaking wet but with smiles on our faces.

Tomorrow we will visit Stonehenge, Avebury and the Cotswolds.

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