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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Our small washing machine

I do a load of laundry almost every day. Our washing machine is pretty small, like most Italian washing machines. I can wash about two days of clothes at a time, depending on how many pants/jeans there are.

Most Italians don't have dryers. We don't have one, and that makes life interesting. We had to buy a drying rack, which we usually keep out on the balcony. In the winter we set it up in Brandon's bathroom.

Add Milan's 'hard' water to the mix and you get stiff clothing. We use fabric softener, but try to use very little. We have found that anything with elastic or polyester seems to break down over time when you use too much fabric softener.

I don't mind washing and hanging a load of a laundry daily. In fact, I prefer it to doing multiple loads all at one time. I do look forward to using a dryer again.

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