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Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's a cloudy Sunday morning in Vedano. The forecast is calling for rain showers throughout the day.

Katrina has decided she wants to head into Milan to see and art exhibit. I'm torn between just hanging out at home or heading into Milan with her. Hmmmm???

We ended up heading into Milan via the Metro. Brandon and I got off the Metro at Porta Venezia. Katrina rode a few more stops to the Duomo. She wanted to visit a Goya exhibit. Brandon and I were in search of a hobby shop I found on Google maps.

Brandon enjoys a Germen 'Bretzel' while we head down into the Metro

We exited the Metro and had to jump on streetcar #5. Once we got to the correct stop, we couldn't find the hobby shop because the navigator (Brandon) left the directions at home on the table. We looked around for a couple of blocks then ended up backtracking on the streetcar and Metro to the Duomo to meet Katrina.

Typical snack stand in Piazza di Duomo

Its a drizzly day in Milano

Brandon enjoys some Frutti di Bosco gelato

Piazza di Duomo

Brandon loves finding these maps in the cities we visit.

These are public bikes that you can pay to use and ride all around Milano. There are bike racks like this all over Milano.

We wandered around for awhile until Katrina was finished, then headed back home.

Its been a drizzly day in Milano. It's getting warmer each week, but I could use a little more sunshine.

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