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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

I didn't sleep very well last night. I ended up on the couch watching TV until 3am, then slept in until 10am. Katrina said she got up thinking she would get an early start on her day and realized she had slept until 9am.

I had a plan to go for a bike ride this morning. I haven't ridden in about two weeks, a combination of holiday lazieness, snow and below zero temperatures. So, my ride today was a bit shorter than my usual 40 km. I rode 33.7 km, turning around at the beginning of Lurago di Erba rather than the far side of Lurago di Erba. My legs were tired and sore. Its amazing how quickly they go lame on me after just two weeks off. I know I will recover quickly and be doing my normal rides quicker. I started getting drizzled on during my ride home and ended up getting pretty gritty and dirty from all the road crud. My new layered jacket is great and kept me much warmer, although I still need to wear the shell jacket when it gets wet outside.

Katrina and I must have been on the same wavelength. When I arrived home she asked me if I wanted pizza for lunch because she did. I had passed a few people carrying pizza boxes during my ride and was thinking pizza sounded good. So, I showered and went over to our neighborhood pizzeria to pickup two pizza's da port via (to go). I had a Quattro Stagioni (olives, mushrooms, procuitto, and artichokes). Katrina had a Marinara con mozzerella. She really likes the marinara pizzas. They come with marinara sauce, olive oil, oregano and other seasonings - no cheese - but she usually requests mozzerella.

We thought about going into Milan again this afternoon, but once it started raining we changed our minds. Instead, we headed to Cinesello mall to shop for clothes. Brandon is growing to fast and needed some new pants and a couple of new shirts.

On the way home we stopped at the local gelatteria on our street for a tasty treat. We haven't been eating as much gelato lately. In fact, the last two weeks have had zero increase in our weekly gelato count. That is a first for us. Katrina and I both had cinnamon. Wow, that is a great flavor. Brandon had amarenna (vanilla with cherry sauce mixed in).

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