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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Day of School

Brandon has only 3 hours of school today. He gets out at noon for winter break and won't go back to school until Friday Jan 8th. He actually starts on the 7th, but we will be returning from Disneyland Paris on that day. I'm sure you're thinking, why start back on a Thursday. Well, Wednesday Jan 6th is Ascension Day, a catholic holiday.

I'm not sure how cold it really was last night but it was supposed to hit -8 celcius = 14 F. When we woke up this morning it was -1.5 C.

Mike and Rita slept in this morning. They woke up just before it was time for me to drive Katrina to work. I drove Katrina to work, returned home to chat for a bit then walked over to school to pickup Brandon. Winter break started at noon today. Brandon ended up being invited to have lunch at a pizzeria with his classmates Amelie and Hugo.

I returned home to pickup Mike and Rita. I delivered them to the Metro station in Sesto SG. They were heading into Milano for the afternoon to see the Duomo, Castello and whatever else was interesting to them.

As Brandon and I were leaving to pickup Katrina at work it began to snow. By the time we arrived at ST the snow was beginning to stick to the roads. What should have taken about 30 minutest to drive from ST to Sesto SG ended up taking 1 1/4 hour. We were catching the Metro to downtown Milan so we could meet up with Mike and Rita for dinner. Mike Hayes (other HP engineer) also joined us.

The Mikes' sharing a good laugh.

Via Dante in downtown Milano

Once downtown we enjoyed the giant Christmas tree in front of the Duomo and all the lights and decorations along the streets. We made our way down Via Dante and found a place for dinner, Cafe Castello. We enjoyed a great dinner of pizzas, pastas and steak.

After dinner we wandered towards the Castello to check out the Christmas lights. Brandon had fun playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at all of us. Katrina had fun playing with her new camera lens by taking all sorts of snow and Christmas light pictures.

Old friends, Mike and Katrina. They are blue from either the Christmas lights or the cold....I'm not sure.

The Castello, all lit up for Christmas

Fountains at the Castello

Mike and Rita at the Castello

Interesting lights near the Castello.

Mike, showing us some ticket purchasing tricks on the automated ticket machines in the Metro.

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